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Winning Back America

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

President Trump has endorsed Michael Whatley and Lara Trump as Co-Chairs of the RNC. Conservative Activist Scott Presler believes it’s a compromise in the Party with Whatly, in the Establishment wing, rewarded for his work in North Carolina even though he was a member of Rona Mc Daniels’ losing team. He joins Lara Trump in a compromise that is the other wing of the Party. We have eight months until the election and we have to work with what we have. Presler believes North Carolina will be the new Florida focusing on voter registration to flip the state Supreme Court to a Conservative majority which approved Voter ID laws, with an opportunity to pick up four congressional seats in November and he says that could save he Republican majority in he House. Presler launched his organization, “Early Vote Action” in response to the abysmal performance of 2022. It should have been a red tsunami, a huge win. But machines went down in some places, we ran out of paper ballots elsewhere and weather played a part in others. Presler encourages voters to support whatever current voting methods in place whether it be all electronic voting or all paper ballots to lock in every single Conservative vote. Presler encourages having an “all of the above” approach to voting so we can not only elect Donald Trump, but give him a Congress he can work with. Go to: earlyvoteaction.com.