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No Time? Biden Says He Hasn't Gone to East Palestine Because 'There's a Lot Going On' [Watch]

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

While touring hurricane damage in Florida over the weekend, President Biden was asked about visiting East Palestine, Ohio —the site of the toxic train derailment earlier this year.

The Biden Administration has continued to say the POTUS has plans to go —but he never seems to get there.

“Well, I haven’t had the occasion to go to East Palestine. There’s a lot going on here —I just haven’t been able to break,” Biden told reporters. “I was thinking I’d go to East Palestine this week, but I was reminded that I’ve got to go literally around the world.”

Watch the clip below:

While Biden says he has “a lot going on,” that doesn’t exactly wash with the three vacations he took in August, including a Lake Tahoe escape at a billionaire donor’s home. In fact, President Biden has spent nearly 40% of his presidency not working.

If and when Biden does finally get around to visiting the residents of East Palestine, he shouldn’t expect a warm welcome.

“This guy has actively not shown any compassion or moral value to anything, emotionally, physically, he hasn’t shown up and there has been no help for us economically or with our residents,” East Palestine resident D.J. Yokley said. “It’s really frustrating to see him go and say he is too busy for people that literally put him in the office.”