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Human Trafficking Evidence in Chicago Migrant Facility

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Guest post by Paul Dabrik

Photo from a Chicago migrant shelter

Terry Newsome of Behind Enemy Lines podcast has been covering the ever-expanding issue of illegal immigration in the city of Chicago. The sanctuary city crisis has become a burden too heavy for the blue states to carry. In recent months, Chicago citizens have flooded city council meetings lambasting the Johnson administration for continually catering to the illegal immigrant population while housing them in facilities across the city. As the Gateway Pundit reported in March, migrant facilities in Chicago appear to be hot spots for imported crime of myriad sorts. 

Illinois taxpayers are on the hook for everything from transportation, to food, shelter, phones, and childcare. The multiple modern ghettos that pose as migrant facilities have put an undue burden on both the emergency responders and the Cook County taxpayer. So much so that Mayor Brandon Johnson has recently asked the Chicago City Council for an additional $70 million to manage the illegal immigration crisis. This is on top of the $300 million already spent to sustain the crisis. 

The irony is that Chicago faces record crime and violence in recent years due to the Illinois Safe-T act passed in 2022. The Act puts violent criminals back on the street through cashless bail. As Newsome covered in January, the homeless are left to freeze in the sub-zero temperatures of Chicago while migrants are housed, fed, and cared for on the taxpayer dime. The juxtaposition of increasing crime and cost of living with the uncapped spending on illegals has stressed the political tension to a breaking point. Recently an African American voter chastised the City Council while wearing a MAGA hat. The concerned citizen observed that previous funds going to illegal immigrants came from an opiate settlement fund. The harrowing story of a mother who lost her child from a stray bullet, and turning to opiates for solace is not out of the ordinary in Chicago. 

It would seem that the situation in Chicago could not be more chaotic. However, the Freedom of Information Act is always bearing fruit. As previously mentioned, a FOIA to the Chicago Police Department in March for the period between January 2023 and February 2024 showed multiple criminal referrals from the Inn of Chicago migrant facility. Crimes such as assault, burglary, robbery, sexual assault, child abuse, child abduction, and endangering a child were exposed. Terry Newsome’s latest FOIA request regarding the migrant facility in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago has brought forth more troubling revelations. 

Many similar criminal offenses were found at the Pilsen migrant facility, however it was a non-criminal report that is most concerning. Event number 2405108322 details the case of a lost phone. When examined, the phone showed recognizable evidence of human trafficking via WhatsApp messaging. The report also details a curious description of the phone itself. The phone is described as  “1 Black Vortex Cellphone.” The model number is listed as “Vortex.” Interestingly, there is a company called Vortex Cellular. More interestingly Vortex Cellular has a government issued phone initiative. A recent LinkedIn article notes, “In this era, getting a phone for free has become possible, especially if you qualify for government assistance programs.” The article goes on to say that the phones are, “… funded by the government and facilitated by various wireless service providers.”


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