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Joe Biden in Tampa: “I Used to Drive an 18-Wheeler” – Biden Has Never Driven an 18-Wheeler (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Joe Biden on Tuesday traveled to Tampa, Florida to participate in a campaign event.

After wrapping up a speech at Hillsborough Community College, Biden headed over to a campaign office in Tampa.

Biden told several lies to the campaign volunteers.

He falsely claimed he was involved in the civil rights movement as a kid.

Then he claimed he used to drive an 18-wheeler.

“Besides, I used to drive an 18-wheeler,” Biden said to staffers at his campaign office in Tampa.


BIDEN: “I used to drive an 18-wheeler.”

(Biden has literally never driven an 18-wheeler.) pic.twitter.com/NA8EAni2QK

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) April 23, 2024

This is one of Joe Biden’s favorite lies.

Joe Biden has never driven an 18-wheeler.

The closest Joe Biden ever got to driving an 18-wheeler was riding in a truck in 1973.

There is zero evidence that Biden “used to drive an 18 wheeler”

The extent of Biden’s trucking experience is that he **rode in** a truck once, for one night in 1973 (he made sure to return home by plane though) https://t.co/p9sPMU20W3 pic.twitter.com/A7tmkoOSHB

— Zach Parkinson (@AZachParkinson) July 28, 2021

Biden has repeated this lie many times.

“I used to drive a truck. It’s a long story – anyway… and I thought I was gonna get to drive one of these suckers today,” Biden said pointing to one of the trucks behind him.


Biden repeats false claim he used to be a truck driver pic.twitter.com/8V95O265IW

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) April 4, 2022

The White House previously told Fox News that Joe Biden riding in a truck in 1973 is the same thing as driving an 18-wheeler.

When pressed about Biden’s claim and noting that riding in a truck is not the same as driving one, the White House said that Biden used to drive a school bus as a summer job.

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