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(VIDEO) TGP’s Jordan Conradson Joins Emerald Robinson to Discuss New Gen 47 PAC’s HISTORIC Pro-Trump Concert with Waka Flocka Flame – GET TICKETS TO JUNE 14 CONCERT HERE

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson spoke to Emerald Robinson earlier this month about New Gen 47 PAC’s upcoming events with A-list celebrities who support Donald Trump for President.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, New Gen 47 PAC, founded by LJ Fino, President of First Class Records, and PR consultant Alex Fahmy, has big plans to hold concerts and music events with famous musicians to rally low-propensity, young, and minority voters for Donald Trump and other conservatives in November. Their launch event on June 14 in Maimi, Florida will feature a performance by famous ‘No Hands’ rapper Waka Flocka Flame.

It can be recalled that co-founder LJ Fino had a hand in producing hit #1 songs, such as “Justice for All” featuring Donald Trump and the J6 Choir and Kari Lake’s “81 Million Votes my Ass,” as Mailman Media’s Head of Recorded Music Operations. Fino’s First Class Records label has also produced music by Lara Trump.

Other New Gen 47 events with A-list entertainers and pro-Trump Hollywood celebrities are expected to be announced soon.

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The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson joined The Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson earlier this month to discuss this major development in the conservative movement.

We also discussed Afroman’s new song, ‘Hunter Got High.’

The Gateway Pundit reported that rapper Afroman released a parody record of his hit ‘, ‘Because I Got High,’ titled, ‘Hunter Got High,’ making fun of Hunter Biden for his drug usage, scandalous laptop, d*ck pics, prostitutes, and foreign business dealings with China and Ukraine.

Watch below:

Robinson: This speaks to a larger movement that is clearly going on in the minority community. There are now a lot of people who are not black artists, you know, and others who are not afraid to come out for Donald Trump anymore.

Conradson: It’s really incredible what we’re seeing. It’s exciting what was just announced this morning, that Waka Flocka Flame is going to be hosting a concert with New Gen 47 PAC in Miami. New Gen 47 PAC is a new political action committee; they’re pro-Trump. They’re trying to turn out, as you said, low-propensity, minority, and young voters, who otherwise would have voted Democrat, for President Trump and other conservative candidates this November. I mean, it’s not that surprising that when you’ve got a so-called president who says ‘you’re not black’ if you don’t vote for me, makes racist comments all the time, can’t even find his way onto or off of the stage, as our country is in ruins, it’s not very surprising to me that people are waking up. And, you know, Waka Flocka is just one of many rappers who have come out with support for President Trump.

Robinson: And not just as a part of Donald Trump, but there’s been some who have explicitly kind of come out against the Bidens. In fact, let’s take a look at Afroman’s revamp of his own hit. This is ‘Hunter Got High… That first line just cracked me up. ‘He was gonna get his laptop fixed, but then he got high.’

Conradson: And, you know, it’s just so in touch with everything that’s going on. He’s talking about the laptop, he references the White House is getting shut down ‘because Hunter got high’ with the cocaine scandal where they found cocaine in the West Wing. So, that was another hilarious song. That was produced by Baste Records, which is another very good, conservative kind of leaning production company that’s trying to influence the culture like New Gen 47, like mailman media was with Donald Trump’s ‘Justice for All’ song and Kari Lake’s ’81 million Votes My Ass,’ which both made it on Billboard charts. So I’m expecting we’re gonna see more conservative leaning music coming out kind of making fun of the Bidens, expressing support for Trump from various artists, and I’m expecting more announcements for top A-list celebrities, A-list rap stars and pop stars, to come out and hold concerts with New Gen 47 on behalf of President Trump.

Robinson: Well, it sounds like Jordan, you just teased that you probably have some more fun exclusives coming soon that we’ll be able to share with our viewers, which is nice, right in a new cycle that is so predominantly negative and can be overwhelming some days, it’s nice to have a little fun. And look, you know, having a thought about it until we were listening to Hunter Got High again this time, that’s a real appeal to the community because, I mean, hunter can get away with anything. He can get away with drug charges, he can get away with gun charges, and you know, anyone else will get the book thrown at them. It’s interesting. We’re in an interesting cultural moment, Jordan, we’ll see how it comes out in November. And we’re gonna see you again soon. You cover a lot; you don’t just cover this music beat. This is just another fun thing you do, but you’re also great on election integrity. So, we look forward to what you have coming for us next from The Gateway Pundit as always, Jordan, thank you.

Conradson: I should be in Arizona around the election time, covering the election once again. I will also be coming out with some new exclusives and let me tell you, it’s gonna blow your mind. It’s gonna be really exciting.

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