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A Sucker Punches On Capitol Hill

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff


Rep. Tim Burchett describes the moment Kevin McCarthy walked up and threw an elbow at him from behind. Burchett said it was a gutless move and a sad asterisk at the end of McCarthy’s career. Surprisingly, even McCarthy’s defenders have been supportive of Burchett. While some joked about it, others see the seriousness of McCarthy’s actions. People ask if this is an indication of where the Republican Party is, Burchett says no, it’s an indication of where Kevin McCarthy is.

Burchett says he has no plans to file an ethics complaint as he doesn’t believe it will help matters. He plans to take the high road and get back to the business of running the country. Speaker Johnson’s C.R. passed with only 2 Democrats and 93 Republicans voting against it so whose bill is it? Burchett says everyone should know that in it is funding for the Taliban, $10million dollars through the U.N. and all they do is fund our enemies. Burchett says we have to do better. While the Democrats got what they wanted in this C.R., Johnson wanted to pass a budget and everyone’s worried about losing the majority. Burchett says he’s worried about losing the country.