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“Controligarchs” – Dark Money, Dark Motives

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Seamus Bruner’s new book “Controligarchs” reveals George Soros’ dark money. He recently turned over his entire $25 Billion dollar dark money network to his son, Alex, who is even more radical than his father. And if he lives as long as his father, Alex could be pouring money into our elections for the next 50 years. Soros is funding chaos at every level of our society.

It started with BLM riots burning businesses to the ground to what we’re seeing today in the pro-Hamas riots, on down to our local school boards and now, his new endeavor is sheriff races. Bruner says it’s stunning that Dr. Fauci played dumb about his funding of corona viruses research here in the U.S.. He and Bill Gates have been thick as thieves. Bruner says it was not Fauci who authored a lot of the covid lockdown policies, it was Gates.