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Roger Stone: Marxist Dems and Dark Times

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Roger Stone

Roger Stone says Trump’s fate rests in the hands of a partisan hack judge seeking to gag Trump in NY just as a federal prosecutors are trying to gag him in D.C.. These are obvious political prosecutions demonstrating that Trump is an existential threat to the status quo and they will use any trick in the book, including the weaponization and politicization of our judicial system to stop him. Stone wants to know why it took Special Counsel John Durham 5 years to tell us what we already knew, that there was no Russia collusion, but Trump has to be in court this year? Stone believes it’s all about election interference especially after a poll showed Trump ahead in 5 battleground states. Stone doesn’t think Biden will resign because he needs to maintain power to pardon himself, his brother, his son and other members of his family.

He predicts Biden will simply be persuaded that he cannot run again and at that point Michelle Obama becomes the favorite with Gavin Newsom as VP. Biden is in no condition to run for re-election. He can barely stand up or string together a coherent sentence. The economy is a mess, we have an invasion at our southern border, we’re supporting a losing war in Ukraine and we face potential WW3 in the Middle East. Stone says these are the darkest times he can ever remember in America. He urges people to pray for our country, pray for President Trump, and pray that this nation is saved.