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Cruz-Cultural Marxism Sweeps America

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Sen. Ted Cruz says universities are where “Woke” was invented, created, mutated and spread. From there it went to corporate journalism and on to big business until woke corporations engaged in politics rather than business. From here it went to pervasive censorship by big tech, to entertainment and sports, and to the extreme politicization of science. In his new book “Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America” Cruz says China is the nexus that connects all these institutions. In the federal government, we’re seeing cultural Marxists setting policy. Karl Marx found the solution was to begin with a violent revolution to forcibly redistribute wealth and shift power from the oppressors to the victims. CRT uses the same framework of oppressors and victims.

It’s used in racial and gender identity conflicts and now we see it in rabid anti-Semitism. For the radical Left, Jews are coded as oppressors and Palestinians are coded as victims. Cruz says this is why we’re seeing cultural Marxists celebrating Hamas terrorists. Cruz says the Left is bringing all these cases against President Trump because they’re terrified that next November, the American people will vote to re-elect him and the Biden Administration is willing to do everything it can, abusing power to stop Democracy.