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Subpoenas Are Flying

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Rep. Tom Tiffany is not surprised by the Biden family subpoenas. The investigation of Biden corruption has reached the point where the Oversight Committee is ready to hear from the Bidens in regard to all the foreign checks they received. The Judiciary Committee now knows that David Weiss was denied Special Counsel status by Merrick Garland, despite Garland’s insistence otherwise— and everything the IRS Whistleblowers said has been corroborated.

Tiffany says Israel is correct to follow through with the destruction of Hamas, saying they have no choice. Here on the home front, Republicans are trying to advance the “Gaza Act” which would ban anyone with a Palestinian Authority passport from coming into the United States at this time. Tiffany believes it’s becoming more and more evident that this is Obama’s third term. He is the first President in history to stay in Washington, D.C. after two terms in office. Tiffany believes he stayed to finish the job. This is his attempt to diminish America, this managed decline Obama talked about. He and the radical Left want to transform America and they found a willing President in Biden who would carry it out without asking any questions. The same people who worked in the Obama Administration are now in Biden’s. They were put in place for a reason and now more and more Americans are waking up to that fact.