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University Faculties Are Marxist Radicals

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Cornell University Law Professor William Jacobson says we now know what radicals mean when they say “Free Palestine” and we know what they mean when they say “from the river to the sea.” Hamas showed us. They mean mass murder, rape, torture and mutilation. That’s what Palestine Liberation now means if anyone had any doubt. If anyone wants these things, they are pro-genocide and we need to be honest about that. The cruelty and torture inflicted on Israelis on Oct 7th was very much like Isis and the Nazis. It’s very shocking that we have students on college campuses advocating the invasion of Israel, chanting for the extermination of Jewish people in Israel.

An arrest of a Cornell student for making threats against Jewish students exposed the extremely dark underside of radical campus culture. Jacobson wonders how a science genius became so radicalized that he would threaten to kill Jews? Cornell has a very deep problem brought to the surface. The Hamas attack didn’t create the problem but it brought it to the surface. Jacobson says the student had mental issues, the question is, why did he turn it against Jews? Jacobson believes it’s due to the campus culture. He says faculty at most elite schools are completely radicalized and view “activism” as their profession. For the past 30 years, faculties have hired their own until we reached the point where faculties at most universities look nothing ideologically like America.