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Jordan: Is Biden Obstructing Congress?

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan says David Weiss faces questions using depositions of U.S. Attorney’s from D.C., Pennsylvania and California over his handling of the 5-year investigation of Hunter Biden as well as depositions from FBI and DOJ agents who also worked on the case. Jordan says there are still many people they want to talk to: Biden business partners, the guy who paid Hunter’s $2M dollar tax bill, the people who bought Hunter’s artwork and then Hunter and James Biden.

Jordan says they need to move as quickly as possible to bring all the evidence together and get the information out to the American people. A week and a half ago, Jordan wrote the Justice Department asking if investigating Chairmen and their staffs are being surveilled as they have in the past. If so, Jordan says it would have a chilling effect on oversight and on the Constitution. It would be a violation of fundamental liberty.