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Alex Jones: Two Minutes To Midnight

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Alex Jones says to fly to the border, you have to go through all types of security at the airport but the border is completely wide open. The border patrol to their irritation have been turned into facilitators of the crime and it shows the social contract is broken.  Jones says it’s a new business for Democrat voters to bring in new Democrat voters and house them in their homes for $40-$50,000 apiece, not out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s a business that will collapse the country and that’s what it’s designed to do. Jones says you can cut the danger with a knife and really feel that America is at crossroads right now as we approach the most important election in modern history, and probably the most important election in world history at this point. The globalists, the leftists, the Marxists really hate America even when they run the country. They are the main threat to America. They are like a foreign country, a fifth column. Jones sees China as a 20% threat, Russia 10%, but 30% of the threat is from our own domestic enemies. Jones says there’s a big awakening. The average Conservative or populist, or Christian knows we’re in trouble but he doesn’t know if they realize just how diabolical this is. Jones says if they realized it they would know it’s two minutes to midnight and we face a crisis not just in America but of civilization. If the globalists get full control and eradicate the idea of American freedom, then all we have is Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates’ ideology of scientific tyranny.