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Election Day: GOP vs Marxist

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Mazi Pilip is running to fill George Santo’s seat in Congress and is running in a NY special election today. Her opponent, Tom Suozzi voted 100% with Joe Biden and he’ll have to defend that record for an open border in a district that sees immigration as the number one issue. Pollster John McLaughlin says without a Republican majority in the House, we would never have learned about all the Biden corruption and the tens of millions of wire transfers he received from foreign governments and oligarchs from China, Ukraine, Russia and Romania. McLaughlin says Biden’s campaign strategy is to indict your leading political opponent, then convict him and put him in jail. This is what Communists do. Dems shouldn’t lecture us about Democracy. Biden is the most corrupt President in the history of the country and is probably the greatest failure or as Trump says, the worst President in the history of our country. McLaughlin says Biden has total control of the Democrat Party, he has all the delegates committed to him and he doesn’t have to release them to anyone. He has to run and doesn’t want to lose control because he knows how bad his own crimes are and how guilty his own family is. And if Biden loses control, he knows he might get impeached or indicted. Biden meets regularly with Alex Soros. He funds the non-profits that bring illegals into the country and scatter them where they want them. Sooner or later Dems will try to legalize non-citizen voting or as Dems call them “immigrant Americans.” Biden allowed Iran to get $100 billion to fund terrorism and pushed through spending packages that triggered inflation.