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Biden Non Compos Mentis

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Steve Bannon says we have a crisis on our hands as big as any that has hit this nation in its history. If you saw the debacle news conference thrown together to try to get in front of the firestorm over the Special Counsel report on Joe Biden’s cognitive decline, non compos mentis (of unsound mind), you know we have a Constitutional crisis. Special Counsel Robert Hur gave us the indictment document of Joe Biden. Bannon thinks Comer and Jordan should have a formal emergency hearing on Monday, demanding Hur explain to the nation in detail what his investigation found. Biden’s ghostwriter should be called in to explain why he deleted recordings of Biden reading classified documents to him. And Comer and Jordan should begin the formal process of impeaching Biden as Commander-in-Chief not only for his mishandling of classified documents but also for his inability to perform as President. We have a national crisis. A formal investigation will uncover a lot of documentation and Bannon believes the Left has known about his decline for years and has covered it up. Bannon doesn’t see the Dems moving to remove Biden any time soon given that the Praetorian Guard of the media has come out and taken a hard line in Biden’s defense and there is now silence. Kamala Harris is a catastrophe for the Democrat Party. They know she polls worse than Biden which would mean a blowout in November. It’s important to show our righteous indignation that this is now beyond partisan politics and has nothing to do with President Trump. This is about what’s good for the country. Call the Capitol Switchboard, tell your Senators and Representative remove Biden: (202)224-3121.