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America Committing Cultural Suicide?

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Mike Gonzalez from the Heritage Foundation says everyone out protesting Israel is defending the mass murder of 1400 Jews, the largest killing of Jews since the Holocaust. What they’re defending is pure unadulterated evil. It’s finally dawned on most Americans watching that we have handed the keys to society to really bad people, to the far Left indoctrinating our children and they’ve done a really good job of it. Now it’s apparent but it took a massacre in the Holy Land to see it. Gonzalez says in the 1850’s we Americanized immigrants through assimilation. We taught them American norms and traditions and what was great about this country. The Left no longer wants to do this.

They want to create grievances, to have these immigrant groups seething with grievances. His book “BLM, The Making of the New Marxist Revolution” explains that these groups were founded by people from a far Left international global network. They were recruited, trained and funded by people who were part of the Weather Underground, a terrorist group from the 60’s and 70’s and Gonzalez says Congress must investigate BLM. He says it’s easy to trace how universities were taken over by radicals. It’s harder to explain ESG in corporations because it’s anti-profit, anti-capitalism. Why corporations that are based on profit motives want to embrace Marxism is mind-boggling to him. Gonzalez thinks what’s happening right now with Pro-Hamas demonstrations in the streets is happening because we’ve hit rock bottom. This needs to be discussed by state and federal legislatures and in Presidential debates. How do we take back our country and how do we stop cultural suicide?