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Puppet President, Marxist Dems and Obama Judges

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

A3P’s Mike Davis says Speaker Mike Johnson is a rock solid Conservative and the only Republican who can thread the needle to bring the Republican caucus together. In his 4th term, Johnson is widely respected but that won’t keep the Dems from viciously attacking him, that’s what they do. The House GOP Conference needs to say no federal funds may be used to prosecute criminally or civilly any major presidential candidate prior to 2024 or they will lose all federal funding. Davis says Republicans need to end election interference and lawfare against President Trump.

Some appropriation riders they could use include: no federal funding for govt. agencies that discriminate based on race or affirmative action, they cannot employ illegal aliens, you cannot allow illegal aliens to vote in state or local elections, and no covid vaccine mandates or federal funding would be withheld. Then it would be up to Biden and the Marxist Dems to shut down the federal govt. over their woke policies. Let them explain to Americans why they want to shut down the govt. to protect their special interests. Davis says it’s unconstitutional to gag a criminal defendant so they can’t criticize the judge, court staff or the prosecutor in the process. If there’s anyone in the country who needs First Amendment rights to speak out, it’s a criminal defendant going through a criminal process. Democrat judges in DC and New York have turned the Constitution on it’s head to gag President Trump and continue their persecution of an innocent man.