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Biden Restrains Israel, Partners with Iran

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Journalist and author Lee Smith says the Biden Administration is deploying military assets, both carrier groups and now advisors. This is not to help Israel but to restrain Israel from striking Hezbollah to the north. It’s not intended to deter Hezbollah. The goal was to delay Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza. Lee says the reason is simple. The Biden admin. wants to preserve its partnership with Hamas’ sponsor, Iran. They wanted to restrain Israel for as long as possible. The Administration supports Hamas and opened a corridor to get food and water into Gaza while doing everything in their power to thwart Israel’s war aims. Obama and Biden are taking sides with America’s enemies going back to Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. Biden’s taken it further to include Hamas. Americans are souring on Ukraine aid.

The reason the Biden admin. wanted to package Israel aid with Ukraine aid is to make Israel as poisonous as Ukraine. The problem is not that Joe Biden is pushing us closer to WWIII. The problem is that Joe Biden is setting up the world’s leading sponsor of terror with a nuclear weapon. What’s happening in Israel is connected to the invasion at our southern border and will be a huge campaign issue. Americans saw what the third world looked like on TV in Gaza. But when it’s in your face on our streets with pro-Hamas, pro-terrorist, pro-murder mobs on the streets, people realize we have to do something about this immediately.