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Arizonans America First

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Kari Lake spent the last year pushing for election reform filing legal challenges to election results of 2022 and now, she has announced her bid for Senate. Lake’s bid is what she calls a 3-way race between the incumbent who is a radical liberal running as an Independent, a bigger radical liberal running as a Democrat and Lake, running as an American First Republican. Career politicians made us believe it takes decades to get things done in DC until President Trump showed us that you can get results quickly. Lake believes officials are waking up and now understand they have to return govt. back to the people.

Lake says we need to primary those serving the military industrial complex. She’s encouraged watching so many people get involved calling their Representatives during the vote for Speaker. We’ve been in a slumber for decades. There is so much money in war, not billions but trillions for the military industrial complex. Trump is a peacemaker. There’s no money in peacemaking and Lake believes that’s one of the main reason they’re trying to take him out. The Left needs a wide open border to bring down America and destabilize the country through an invasion at the southern border.