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Will Speaker Johnson Be Transformational?

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

The DC Cartel is spinning around right now, because they don’t own Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. Congressman Andy Biggs believes Mike Johnson has the potential to be a transformational Speaker. He’s Conservative, a Constitutional lawyer, he’s articulate and smart. But Johnson has his work cut out for him and that’s why Biggs is tempers his optimism. Biggs believes Johnson is the right guy for the right time. He says Johnson stood with him in an effort to decertify Arizona in the 2020 election and he defended Donald Trump in two bogus impeachments standing up to the radical Left. Biggs feels they have to get the last 8 appropriation bills out in the next 10 days and send to the Senate.

The Senate will drag its feet and demand an omnibus bill or a giant C.R. Johnson will have to say “no” and Biggs says that will be his first challenge. The other option is a shut down but by that time, the House will have funded 100% of the government so it will be up to the Senate to shut down the government, not the House. Work begins immediately to get the Israel Resolution to the floor followed by a vote on two appropriation bills.