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Kash Patel: Stay True to our Base

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Kash Patel says it’s going to take someone from outside to come in and run for Speaker. Patel says Devin Nunes would be a good selection but Kash also says Jim Jordan should first be given a fair shot. Donald Trump changed the Republican Party and Republican establishment Representatives can’t stand that they’re about to lose their lifelong grasp on power & money. Patel says we’re seeing the Uni-Party Republicans and Democrats coming together over war in Israel because war is the greatest thing for the defense industrial complex and they own them. He says there is also an Iranian infiltration at the highest levels of our U.S. Govt. who are making these decisions. They are the people responsible for Iran and then people wonder why they started a world war.

The Marxist ideology of the Biden Administration is winning and America is losing. It will be a very dark day for America if this evil Marxist ideology that the Biden regime has become is going to lead America into another world war, another Afghanistan. Donald Trump is the one who changed the Republican Party without any help from the RNC, outside or inside groups. Kash says we’re going to have to galvanize behind President Trump in 2024 and fix this corrupt government and show the Left that’s it’s gone forever. We need to install Republicans of today, America First Republicans, into positions of power and destroy the corrupt media in the process. And the only ones leading the charge to fix it are America First Republicans, not the Soros-funded govt. gangsters who are lining their pockets. We need to end that party once and for all.