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Settling For Second Best

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff


Wyoming Rep. Harriet Hageman says the entire process in the House has been messy and didn’t look good from the outside but it’s time to move on because our world is on fire. The American people are demanding they step up, the world situation is demanding it. The House has been at a standstill for three weeks now but Hageman says they’ve still managed to pass four conservative appropriation bills eliminating all woke spending, no more ESG, no paid travel for abortions, no more money for drag queen story hour in the National Defense Authorization Act.

These four bills are all sitting on Schumer’s desk in the Senate. The House has already passed H.R. 2, Hageman calls it the very best border security bill ever passed in Congress. It’s also sitting on the Democrat controlled desk in the Senate. The House has been busy but the last thing that’s happened with the Speaker position has overshadowed everything. Republicans need to act on issues that matter most to Americans to regain their confidence and maintain the majority they need in the House to stop the radical Biden agenda. Hageman says they need to make sure they have the transparency and accountability the American public is demanding and that whoever they pick as Speaker is the Constitutionalist we need at this moment in time, is the person who will pursue the Conservative agenda that will save this country.