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And Then There Were Eight

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Congressman Matt Rosendale says he takes no pleasure in making history by removing the Speaker of the House but when something needs to be done and you’re called upon to do it, you cannot shy away from it. He believes it’s in the best interest of the country to have another Speaker at this time because we cannot continue down the path to financial ruin. When the Republican leader allows the Democrat minority to dictate the financial legislation coming out of the House, we have a major problem. When you have someone who will not honor their word, who gets 209 Democrat votes to 125 Republican votes to get a continuing resolution, clearly he is working with and representing the Democrat Party.

The last straw was when McCarthy negotiated a deal with Biden to tie border security to additional Ukraine funding when they’ve already received $100 billion. We have a small group of individuals willing to sacrifice everything in order to preserve the Republic. There are far too many people who have made political office their career. Once it becomes your career, it taints every vote you cast.