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Big Win, Lots More To Do

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Photo by Anna Rose Layden/Getty Images

Roger Stone is not sure Republicans really want to impeach Joe Biden. When you look at the subpoenas Dems issued for J6 and Russia Collusion, he wants to know why none of the Bidens have been subpoenaed despite mountains of evidence? They’re looking into a simple charge not a conviction. He says Kevin McCarthy has broken faith with Republicans in his conference on every major concession he made in order to become Speaker. He seems to prefer to negotiate privately and secretly with Dems to fund Joe Biden’s entire agenda going forward. Trump is the first Presidential candidate in history who actually won debates by not showing up. The shadow he casts on his Party is so great. He has completely remade the Republican Party into the Party of the Middle Class, into the Party of working people, into the Party of America. Stone says Trump is the strongest general election candidate, he’s the ONLY Republican who can win.

Stone describes the wannabe’s:

DeSantis lacks warmth, humor, is too rehearsed. There’s nothing genuine or entertaining about him.

Nikki Haley is way too shrill. Wants to shoot first ask questions later. G.W. Bush in heels with a foreign policy like Biden’s.

Vivek Ramasamy’s 15 minutes have come and gone but could find his way into a Trump Administration.

Chris Christie is on a revenge tour, angry with Donald Trump for not getting a Cabinet job. Christie is one of the least liked political figures in New Jersey.