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Depravity is just another word for D.C.

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Congressman Scott Perry says if we’re going to borrow money to pay for anyone’s debt, it should be our own. Americans need to see and understand the swampiness and depravity of rot that has taken hold in this Legislature and our form of government and that’s what the Freedom Caucus is trying to show them. Perry says they had an amendment on the floor to stop paying for Ukraine’s sovereign debt, for debt they had incurred before the war with Russia. The amendment to stop paying for Ukraine’s sovereign debt failed because both RINOs and Dems voted against it. So we’re borrowing money from China to pay for Ukraine’s pre-war debt. Insane. The only time there’s discussion about shutting down the govt. is when Republicans are in charge and some want to stop bankrupting the country. There’s not one Dem who wants to save a penny. Dems only argue about how much more to spend.

Perry says voters need to understand that the people they send to D.C. matters and what they say on the campaign trail doesn’t often match what they do in D.C.. Perry urges everyone to call their Representative, tell them they don’t agree with Joe Biden, or Schumer, or the guy who pulled the fire alarm. Pull you own fire alarm and help put this fire out. Tell them to stop bankrupting America. Call the Capitol Switchboard:

202-224-3121 Ask for your Representative by name—give ‘em what for!