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DC: Now Occupied Territory

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Lee Smith believes Donald Trump was the best foreign policy President this country has had in a century. He tells a story described by Amb. Rick Grenell. Trump planned to host the Presidents of Serbia and Kosovo at the White House to negotiate a peace accord. But weeks before the meeting, the Chief Prosecutor for the International Court in The Hague, Jack Smith, had the President of Kosovo arrested and jailed with no clear criminal evidence. Now, as Special Counsel, Smith is targeting President Trump and his aides. This is the Special Counsel selected by Merrick Garland. He interfered in political systems of European countries to jail a foreign President. If people don’t think he’s looking to do the same thing to President Trump on behalf of Joe Biden’s DOJ, they’re fooling themselves.

This is what Smith does. Ukraine is the place where Biden family corruption intersects with defense industry corruption. This is what Trump was fighting and these are the same people still fighting Donald Trump. The people hunting America First supporters are partnering with our adversaries in Iran and China. We’ve seen how Joe Biden passed $16B to the Iranians, an anti-American regime and the leading sponsor of terror in the world. The Biden Admin. also keeps pushing money to China. They say we have to appease the Chinese unless we want to go to war with china. And on our southern border, they’re working with the cartels, our foreign adversaries. We’re dealing with a very sick, pathologically warped establishment right now.