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Biden is a Chinese Asset

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Our foreign policy panel Gordon Chang and Tony Shaffer discuss the dangers of our compromised Commander in Chief. Chang says the Biden Administration’s plan to partner with China on the Space Program is immoral, misguided and dangerous. He says Biden wants to cooperate with a country committing genocide and crimes against humanity and is now training its military to kill Americans. 

Shaffer says we’re hearing that Space Command’s biggest challenge is hacking by Communist China. So at the very time we see the Chinese trying to penetrate Space Command, Biden wants to be their partner. China wants to undermine our way of life and destabilize the United States to achieve their goal of domination. He says the Chinese are doing everything they can to corrupt and destabilize the U.S. with fentanyl from the smallest towns to the highest offices in the world, the White House, and Biden wants to partner with them. 

Chang says the threat level right now is very high because China sees no sense of urgency in the oval office, in the State Dept. or in the Pentagon. China is already engaging in provocations.  We’re living in a world where any single spark could trigger the next global conflict.