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Biden and Dems Running A Racket

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Through a Freedom of Information request, John Solomon says “JusttheNews” received records that show Michigan’s AG, State Police and Muskegon Police uncovered what appeared to be a fraudulent multi-state voter registration scheme. Fake names were showing up, 8-10K suspect in Muskegon County alone. Then multiply that across the country. Solomon says workers inside the Dem-leaning GBI Strategies running the scheme saw problems and referred it to the FBI back in 2020. The FBI didn’t act on it but left the case open even though it was inactive so they could refuse to release information. Michigan investigated and found this scheme appeared to be going on in other states. In Wisconsin, two State Supreme Court rulings found the election tactics Dems pushed through were illegal. Hundreds of thousands were allowed to exempt themselves from using voter ID when voting from home. Solomon says we were told drop boxes were legal in Wisconsin but it turns out that was an unlawful order. Months and years after the election we learned about foreign interference. Now we learn about nationwide fraudulent voter applications. It shouldn’t take 3-4 years to find out what happened in our elections. Solomon has 27 examples of real interferences, illegalities and irregularities from Michigan to Georgia and nationwide. So the “perfect election” story is gone like Russia Collusion nonsense. Comer, Jordan and Smith have changed the course of history. They’ve shown oversight. History will look back on the summer of 2023 when those leaders listened to IRS Whistleblowers who blew open the sweetheart deal Hunter Biden was going to get from his father’s DOJ and walk away without prison time for illegal foreign lobbying, tax evasion, and lying on a gun application.