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Bannon – Fire Ronna, Hire Don Jr.

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Steve Bannon loves new Speaker Mike Johnson’s biblical worldview but he thinks the intel community has surrounded him with classified documents to scare him and now he’s petrified and has allowed FISA authorization to be slipped into the NDAA. It would remain unchanged into 2025 when Trump is back in office. Bannon says Johnson doesn’t understand what this moment is about. It’s about a crisis of the American republic. Yet there is no sense of urgency despite all the serious issues we face. Bannon believes we’re in a season of darkness and it’s up to patriots to stick together and fight through it or lose our country forever. Bannon says people are afraid because our enemies have no bounds. They are out for the politics of personal destruction and people have fear. Bannon says the RNC is a disaster. They’re not raising money and Trump has to call for Ronna McDaniel to step down. He even has a great replacement for her… Don Jr. Don Jr. knows what his father has given up by coming back and running for office again. If President Trump had walked away, none of this would have happened. It’s now a fight for the Trump family, for the country and for himself.