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Best Of Lou Dobbs: Stone: What Is Johnson Doing?

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Roger Stone

Roger Stone says Kevin McCarthy was always more interested in power than in principle. Once he got power he acted like a man who would never lose power. Hats off to Matt Gaetz who stuck to principle at great personal cost to himself. Stone says Republicans seemed to be manic about getting rid of George Santos even with a slim majority. He should not have been expelled until he was convicted. Santos was denied his due process. Stone initially hailed new Speaker Mike Johnson after his legal defense of Trump during the unjust impeachment. And it was good he started to release J6 videos. Now Stone says he needs to finish the job. We still seem to fall back to the same way as the old way of budgeting and that’s disappointing. Johnson seems to be holding Democrats up for border funding but he seems to be committed to billions for Ukraine. Stone says we saw the abuse and political use of FISA against Donald Trump on the day he was sworn in as President. Stone himself was swept up in government surveillance for alleged contact with Russians. There was one problem. He never had contact with Russians. Stone says if it happened to him, it can happen to anyone. In fact, there have been 278,000 cases of illegal surveillance of American citizens. This is a government seeking to derail its principal political opponent, Donald Trump. The Left has criminalized a Constitutionally protected political activity and tried to make it a crime. The fundamental question is, will judges allow him to enter as his defense, proof that he won the election? If he is, it will be the first time any court heard the merits of that argument.