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Best Of Lou Dobbs: The Watchers Are In Control

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Former NSA Senior Analyst and Whistleblower Russ Tice says we can tell who is controlled by the intelligence services by looking at who is supporting the FISA renewal bill. Someone is being controlled. NSA is still collecting everything word for word and not telling us. In many cases the FBI gets their hands on this information and they’re going on a fishing expedition looking for dirt on someone who’s targeted. From there they build a case after the fact. Our judicial system is not supposed to work that way. Tice says mass collection started in 2012-2013 around the time on the mass collection storage facility went up in Utah. That’s when they had the capability to store everything word for word, everything that is said in this country. Tice says NSA does not admit they have Hillary Clinton’s missing 33,000 emails because it would expose the lie that they’re not collecting everything and also because its would take away their means of control. Now they can go to Hillary and say we have all those emails regardless of your attempt to use hammers or Bleach Bit to destroy them. We now own you and your entire organization. That’s the Deep State. And when it comes time to renew those bills or send money to the intel community, they’d better stand in line and salute and keep the cash coming. Tice believes some intel agencies can be reformed but he says the FBI is a lost cause and needs to be completely dismantled, rebuilt or disseminated into other departments. Tice says all the senior executive service officials need to be fired immediately.