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Beware the CIA

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Former CIA Analyst John Gentry says Obama’s plan to fundamentally transform America played a major role in the changes to the Intel Community and the weaponization of the CIA. Obama created an Executive Order in 2011 creating diversity offices within the federal government with help from Clapper and Brennan who pushed Obama’s agenda even further. Gentry says Brennan was the primary person responsible for the politicization of the CIA encouraging them to be politically active. Gentry says it’s being pushed much harder now. Obama started with diversity offices which have now become the ideological, human resources and enforcement group within federal offices. The Trump Administration did nothing to reverse these policies ignoring the issue. Biden continued the Obama agenda and pushed it considerably further to now include the military, which is unprecedented. The Hunter Biden laptop letter was politically motivated from the very beginning, created specifically to help Joe Biden win the Presidency. It was a politically motivated use of Intel expertise for blatant political purposes and it worked.