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Trump is the Republican Party

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Roger Stone says the never-Trump wing of the Republican Party which exists at the leadership level of the party is really flogging the candidacy of Nikki Haley. She has taken in $70 million dollars in special interest money over the past couple of weeks. Stone says no one has ever won the Iowa Caucus by more than 20 points and Trump could win by as many as 30 yet the headline in the news will be “Haley upsets DeSantis.” Stone thinks Trump will win both Iowa and New Hampshire then roll through South Carolina. If Trump defeats Haley in her home state, Stone says it’s the end of the line for her campaign. Stone says it’s not just that Trump’s polling continues to grow, it’s the level of intensity of his support. His voters are rock solid. They’re not changing their vote. They’re definitely voting for trump. Stone says Trump is making inroads with traditionally Democratic voter groups: African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and younger voters which puts New York, New Jersey, Virginia, New Mexico and Minnesota within Trump’s grasp. In the end, Stone believes the election will come down to a handful of counties in the 5 swing states of Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan. The unanimous House GOP endorsement of President Trump shows a recognition that this is no longer the country club party of the Bushes. It’s now the America First Party of the working class exemplified by Donald Trump. He is the only candidate who can bring Republicans a victory.