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Biden Hates America – Bows to China

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Gordon Chang says the Biden Administration’s foreign policy is in collapse and we have not seen such a rapid failure of the United States in our lifetimes. President Trump had the most successful Middle East policy of any American President since FDR. We had stable relations with everyone in the region except Iran. Now China has become the dominant power in the Middle East because Biden opened the door for them. We sacrificed our foreign policy, allowed the Chinese to take over the Gulf Cooperation Council and now we’re being chased out of the region. What Biden has done is take a stable region that is now aflame because of Iran, China and Iran’s proxies. There have been over 100 attacks on American forces in the region. Chang says we know how to protect ourselves, we know who’s attacking us but we’re not willing to take adequate measures to protect our forces. The Biden Administration doesn’t want to take the steps which involve the use of force. Chang says Russia and China have been very clear about what their intentions are when they talk about annexing various countries yet there is no sense of urgency in the Pentagon or in the Biden Administration. Xi Jinping talks about preparing for war. Biden privately tells donors China is a ticking time bomb but he will not tell the American people about the dangers.