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Harvard’s Plagiarist President

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Dr. Carol Swain was disappointed when she found out that her work had been stolen by Harvard President Claudine Gay and she was sure Gay would lose her job with so much evidence of plagiarism. But when Harvard announced they were keeping her as President and she would be allowed to make corrections, Swain was livid. Dr. Swain is not walking away from this controversy because she believes it has implications for all higher education if Harvard decides it can redefine plagiarism, that there are different levels of plagiarism that is acceptable for ethnic minorities. We all know if Claudine Gay were White, she would have been fired by now. The double standard harms everyone, not just Blacks who have worked hard to meet the standards. It harms all of American education which is already in decline. Swain says with Gay, Harvard is in a conundrum. They don’t know how to dispose of their first Black President and she could be the poster child for DEI. Swain says Progressives don’t care about standards, they care about looks. If you look at the Biden cabinet, they tout the most diverse cabinet in American history. We all know it’s the most incompetent in American history. They don’t care about qualifications. It’s all about identity politics. Swain said once she studied Marxism, she understood how the Left put out their vision of reimagining America. They not only reimagined America, Swain says they’ve actually been able to implement it. They are Marxist. It is global. And they’ve infected every institution in America. They’ve upended America to the point it’s unrecognizable.