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Biden not first Marxist President

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

John Solomon says Barack Obama presided over a government in which his top diplomat, Hillary Clinton, and his Vice-President, Joe Biden, were shaking down foreign interests for millions of dollars because those foreign interests had business pending before them. Hillary had a private server and Biden used secret email pseudonyms and they weaponized government to make it look like Republicans are the ones doing it.

The Obama White House had no problem getting involved in criminal investigations and it carries on with Joe Biden directed the National Archives to go the FBI to start one of the four investigations President Trump now faces. Solomon says the model was invented by the Obama Administration. If you don’t like Conservative non-profits, sic the FBI on them. It was Jack Smith who came up with the idea of weaponizing the IRS and he’s now going after Trump for Merrick Garland.

The Status Quo is no longer an option for the American people. They feel their country is slipping away. Waiting for the 2024 Election is not an option.