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Biden The Destroyer

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Sen. Tommy Tuberville says the Marxist Dems are in court trying to keep Trump off the ballot. They know if he wins, he’ll shut them down and put a stop to what they’re doing. They can’t allow that to happen so they’re fighting him everywhere they can, even trying to put him in jail. Tuberville believes the American people are finally seeing through it. Tuberville says our national debt went up a trillion dollars the last three months of 2023. He believes it’s going to take shutting down the government to get people’s attention. Tuberville says this is the most dangerous time in his lifetime. We’re on the verge of three wars which could catapult into something devastating. The military has created a situation where it’s the weakest it’s been. Someone has to be in charge. The country is running on autopilot right now. Tuberville says we have a Constitution to go by but the trouble is, the Left won’t follow it and break it every day. The guy and his people running the country right now are running it straight into the ground changing it to a Fascist, Marxist country. We have to turn this ship around in the right direction. We have spent close to $500 billion on illegals, $500 billion we don’t have. The Veterans Affairs is the biggest healthcare system in the world to treat 22 million Veterans. He says facilities have the capacity to treat only 11 million. Now Joe Biden has moved illegals to the front of the line at community care centers that our Veterans use. The Sec. of Defense’s failure to tell Biden he had a health emergency is a huge slap in the face to the President. Everyone knows Biden is out to lunch most of the time. And while everyone is calling for Lloyd Austin’s firing, Tuberville says it’s Biden who needs to go and Tuberville is hoping that happens in 10 months.