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Biden Trying To Kill Us

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Investigative Journalist Laura Loomer says fake news hosts are now openly talking about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline. There are a lot of Democrats who can’t bring themselves to publicly support Biden and are now supporting Nikki Haley. She’s essentially a Democrat given the policies she supports and he people who are supporting her. DeSantis donors were mostly Republicans. Haley is openly taking money from Biden, Obama and Hillary Clinton donors.

Biden may not even be the nominee in the end. Loomer says if something happens to him and he steps down, Democrat rules allow them to pick whoever they want without going through the primaries. The RNC has no leadership and no money and are now asking for a $10 million credit line. Loomer says DeSantis spent $130 million on his failed run for President, with Nikki Haley spending almost the same amount. It’s money that should have gone to support Republican candidates and Trump’s campaign. Speaker Johnson has raised less than $5 million while Hakeem Jeffries has raised more than $123 million for Dems. Once again, the Democrats will be better funded than Republicans going into the election year. Loomer blames RNC leadership as Ronna Romney refuses to resign and is putting everyone at risk. Big Tech is still funding non-profit groups who violate their non-profit status funneling hundreds of millions to political operatives. The House GOP should call for investigations. This is how all the lawsuits and lawfare is being funded against President Trump, through non-profits trying to keep him off ballots under the guise of philanthropy and charity. Loomer says 2024 is the most consequential election in our lifetime. Biden is trying to get us killed and the Defense Dept. has not been honest about the terror threat we face.