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  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Congressman Tim Burchett believes in his heart Speaker McCarthy knows we’re headed toward impeachment because the level of Biden corruption is beyond belief. There’s no shame in their game and the arrogance is what’s ultimately going to get them, if we do get them, but everyone has to realize we have a crooked Justice Department. Bidens are a classic RICO case. Money laundering. There’s no proof they paid any taxes on more than $20million they were given. It’s beyond belief that we have an IRS that allows this along with the DOJ’s refusal to punish this level of criminal activity while using the full force of govt. to go after law abiding citizens. We’ve lost control of the greatest investigative body in the world, the FBI of old is gone. China has military installations in Cuba, 90 miles off our shore. They have computer chips in our aircraft. How hard would it be to put a virus in them that would basically turn off the switch? China is everywhere. They’ve bought up farmland near military bases and if you say anything you’re racist. Burchett says he’s not racist, he just wants to live in America and not under the threat of Chinese Communist rule.