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Obama-Biden Dems are Marxists

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Congressman Matt Rosendale says there are a lot of people across the country who have been indicted and jailed with a fraction of the evidence already produced against Joe Biden, his son and the rest of the Biden Crime Family. Rosendale says their job now is to fight for the American people. Not just the amount of money being spent, but what it’s being spent on. We are enriching the FBI to attack citizens. We are enriching the EPA to attack businesses. And we are enriching the Dept. of Defense to spend money on the Green New Deal.

Rosendale says discussions of a new strain of covid sets the table for the federal government to step in, take control of our lives and tell us what we can and cannot do. We cannot consent to a Marxist Communist agenda. We cannot turn our sovereignty over to any other entity or organization like the W.H.O. or the United Nations. The time for timidity and half measures is long gone. Rosendale says the country has been leaning left for the past 75 years and govt. has taken away more and more liberties from the American people.