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House readies Biden Impeachment

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan has ordered an investigation into Georgia’s outrageous, baseless case against President Trump and 18 co-defendants. He wants to know if they are working with the Biden Justice Department, the same DOJ that is going after Biden’s likely opponent in the general election. Jordan wants to know if they were they working with Jack Smith? There have been reports they were talking with the same people. This is an attack on politics, an attack of First Amendment free speech, attacks on the President and 18 others for simply asking questions.

Jordan says all these cases amount to election interference. It’s Manhattan, it’s D.C., it’s Miami and Atlanta. He says of course this is election interference. Jordan believes the House has “tons of evidence” to move to an impeachment inquiry and would not be surprised if they have that resolution in September.