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Biden’s Scary White House

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan said there were a number of things in Hunter Biden’s testimony that contradicted other testimony and evidence. Nothing Hunter said changes the fundamental facts of the Biden’s peddling access to the “brand.” The most telling actions are those VP Biden took to get the Ukrainian Prosecutor fired for investigating Burisma, a company that paid Hunter a million dollars a year. The VP leveraged and conditioned taxpayer money on the firing of that prosecutor. Hunter claimed his father didn’t have anything to do with his business dealings but there are phone records and photos that prove otherwise. Jordan says statements from the White House and from Special Counsel David Weiss and the DOJ keep changing. During the Presidential debate, Joe Biden said he never spoke to his son about any business dealings. Then it changed to the White House saying Joe was never in business with his son. And in his last news conference, Hunter said his father was never financially involved in his business. Jordan says the one thing that has never changed is the Whistleblowers’ testimony which stood up to cross examination. Jordan says the case against Joe Biden is compelling with the evidence they’ve already accumulated. Special Counsel Robert Hur will come testify in an open hearing the second week of March to answer questions about his assessment of Joe Biden and his handling of classified documents. Also under consideration is a public hearing for Hunter Biden.