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No Border, No Budget

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Rep. Tim Burchett says if we don’t have a border, he’s not voting for a budget. This is the biggest issue facing our country right now. It’s fentanyl, it’s $400 billion a year, it’s throwing elections because these border crossers are going to use mail-in ballots because you don’t have to show ID. It puts our national security at risk when thousands of Chinese come, crossing 2 or 3 continents to get here. Burchett says there’s something really bad and nefarious going on. The Congressman is still optimistic about Speaker Johnson who has a one seat majority. He has to be careful when he goes to the floor that the Democrats aren’t in the majority and can take over. Burchett expects 20 million Americans who decided to stay home in 2020 over mean tweets to now do what’s right for this country. This next election is for all the marbles. The Marxists are in control and they’re openly defiant. They openly attack our country, our values, our religious beliefs, everything we hold near and dear. And they’re allowed to get away with it because the media is right there with them. If we don’t address this at the polls this time, we’ll lose our country.