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Blackburn: Defending America

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Sen. Marsha Blackburn says we must send a message that the United States stands resolutely and solidly with Israel, that we will be there to support Israel’s right to defend themselves and their people, to do what they need to do to eliminate Hamas. We don’t need a ceasefire to give Hamas time to regroup. We don’t need to send aid into Gaza because Hamas is taking all the supplies. And Blackburn says we don’t need to micromanage this war. Let’s let Israel and IDF eliminate Hamas from the face of the earth and send a message to other terrorist groups that if they do something like this, we will hunt them down and eliminate them as well. Blackburn has filed to get subpoenas in four important cases: Epstein’s complete flight logs to see who participated in this highly orchestrated sex and human trafficking ring. S

he wants to subpoena Justice Sotomayor’s staff surrounding a $3million advance book deal she did not report. Sotomayor’s staff helped facilitate the sale of these books wherever she gave speeches. Blackburn also has a subpoena for the DOJ and FTC requesting emails pertaining to the investigation of Elon Musk. And she has a subpoena for the White House requesting documents relating to the elimination of the China Initiative, an initiative used to investigate and prosecute Chinese spies on U.S. soil. Senator Blackburn taking care of business.