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Nunes: Fund Govt. By The Month

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Fmr House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes says as Congress faces the dilemma of reauthorizing FISA Section 702, members of Congress must decide how they’re going to stop the corruption at the DOJ that is threatening not only the security of our elections but the Republican Party itself. Donald Trump is leading Biden in the national polls and they’re trying to put him in jail with all the charges he’s facing. The FBI used the FISA court to spy on a presidential candidate back in 2016. They used the counterintelligence division of the DOJ and FBI to surveil a President. The House should just pass short term CR’s until they get the answers they want from the DOJ and FBI about targeting Donald Trump, about the invasion at the southern border. Nunes says the only solution to end the corruption of FISA is to have members of the House and Senate oversee the Executive and Judicial Branch. They won’t like the embedded oversight but they can’t be trusted. Tell them you’ll fund them for 30 days until they get the information requested. Then decide whether to fund them for another 30 days. It’s the only leverage the GOP has with a slim majority. We now know why so many former FBI and DOJ officials ended up working for Facebook and Twitter. They can use those opportunities to target Americans. What’s worse, political activists within these large companies could gather information and share it with the intel community or a George Soros operation.