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Broken Border, Broken Nation

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Mark Morgan

Mark Morgan says since Biden took office, we’ve had 7.5 million nationwide encounters, 1.6 million getaways. The statistics tell the story and have been underreported by 20%. This is the worst, lawless, chaotic southern border in our nation’s history. By the end of Biden’s full term in office, we could have 13-14 million. We’ve literally added the equivalent of a 51st state of gotaways. The gotaways are criminals, murderers, rapists, pedophiles, felons, gang members. An estimated 1.6 million have invaded this country and now call the U.S. home. It’s unconscionable, unsustainable and Morgan says it’s criminal. He says DHS is a failed experiment and should be completely disbanded to create a strong border security agency that is allowed to enforce the law, protect and defend our nation’s border and go after the Cartels to stop the drugs, criminals and national security threats we’ve imported.

Right now, DHS has become a processing agency, nothing more than a travel agency for millions and millions of illegal aliens who have crossed our border and filed fraudulent asylum claims. We’ve literally handed operational control of the border to the Cartels and they’re laughing all the way to the bank as they exploit migrants and push threats across our border killing Americans every day. Morgan says the Democrats created the crisis at the border but the Republicans lack the political courage and will to actually fix it.