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Burchett: D.C. is Not a Swamp, It’s a Sewer

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Congressman Tim Burchett says the soon-to-be released Jeffrey Epstein court documents will not offer much new information and he expects there will be a cover-up. He’s suspicious how the most talked about prisoner in the world on suicide watch was allowed to commit suicide. Burchett also wants Epstein’s client list contained in the little black book removed from Epstein’s New York apartment. It’s a misnomer to say he flew clients over to Epstein Island to have sex with kids. Burchett says they had violence with those kids. They ruined girls’ and boys’ lives and it shows how far we’ve fallen as a society that elites were allowed to do this. If we cannot look after these kids and prosecute people involved, we’re doomed as a society. And if there are Democrats and Republicans in Congress on the client list, the public needs to know. Burchett says Lady Justice is no longer blind. She wears blinders and pops up now and then to take care of the elite, the wealthy and the powerful in this country. Burchett says you can’t trust a government that doesn’t trust it’s people and right now, our government is not worth trusting. The Congressman says Speaker Mike Johnson was thrown into the deep end of the sewer in Washington, D.C. and it gets you from all angles. Burchett says we have to either shut down the border or shut down the government and he plans to have a heart to heart discussion with Johnson. If he doesn’t get the right answers, Burchett says he’s going to look for a new Speaker again because it’s time to take a stand.