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Trump Leads Primaries by Wide Margins

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

President Trump’s Pollster John McLaughlin says Trump has seen his poll numbers move up all year heading into the Iowa Caucus now just days away. McLaughlin’s last poll of 2023 has Trump leading Biden 47 to 44 and leading DeSantis and Haley by identical 77 to 26 margins. The average national polls show Trump winning the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries decisively and in Haley’s home state of South Carolina, Trump is up 2 to 1 among the people who know Haley best. At the same time, Trump is leading Biden in the battleground states and national polls like never before. McLaughlin says Biden is a failed President who has the country on the wrong track and voters are feeling buyer’s remorse. McLaughlin has toured the tunnels in southern Israel, 50-100 meters down, wider than a railroad car. These tunnels go for miles into Israel. When accidentally found in 2014, Israel was going to destroy them but Obama forced Israel into a ceasefire before they could destroy them all and Obama allowed Hamas to continue to operate. McLaughlin says Trump is polling 40% among Liberal Jewish Democrats. While Trump is increasing his coalition, Biden has blown apart the Obama coalition which allowed both Obama and Biden to win. Trump is now winning 1/4 of the Black vote, winning the Hispanic vote and many polls show him winning the young vote. McLaughlin says his polls show that working middle class Americans who voted for Biden last time, are now voting for Trump. Some states are still trying to throw Trump off the ballot for insurrection even though he has never been charged with insurrection. The last time Dems blocked a Presidential candidate, they did it to Abraham Lincoln and started a Civil War.