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Cartels Own Biden

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Congressman Cory Mills says Speaker Johnson’s release of the Jan 6 video is very important— the videos show law enforcement posed as Trump supporters. One was seen flashing his badge, another handcuffed then released out a side door with a fist bump from another officer. Mills says there’s a lot the American people deserve to know, such as who are the real political prisoners and why haven’t they been released, people who lost years with their families. We need to free those who are being politically persecuted and hold accountable those who weaponized our government against them.

The government is supposed to protect the safety, the freedoms, the liberties and rights of every American, not be weaponized against them, to be put in prison for their political views. Mills says in 2018, the Mexican Cartels were averaging $500 million a year in revenue. Fast forward to 2021 under Biden and Mayorkas and the Cartels are bringing in $13 billion in revenue with 40% of it coming from human and child sex trafficking. On top of that, the Mexican Cartels are partnering with China to produce and transport fentanyl across the Biden-Cartels open border.

Mills says that does not include the 120 known terrorists on the watch list we caught at the border. Mills wants to know how many got away? Haven’t we learned anything from 9/11? From Oct. 7th in Israel? Mills says securing our border is the top issue followed by a return to fiscal responsibility and stopping the weaponization of our federal government. These top priorities, Trump identified long ago. Mills says it’s why under Trump we had a strong, robust economy, energy security and secure borders. It’s also why the weaponized government went after him.