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Marxist Dems Fear The People

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Just the News’ John Solomon says Speaker Johnson’s decision to move toward transparency and release J6 video allows the American public to to see for themselves without filters and without the media telling them what to believe about what happened on that day. It will benefit journalists, historians and voters going into the 2024 election. Why fear the public’s right to know? Solomon says in the past, we always put country over party but over the last few years, the Left has put their party ahead of the country’s interest so we weren’t given the truth about what really happened on Jan. 6th. We’re coming up on the 3rd Anniversary and we’re still only getting snippets of the truth for the first time.

Somehow the FBI is unable to determine who placed those bombs at the RNC and DNC like so many security failures in security and abnormalities. Our Founding Fathers feared this very moment that we live in now. It’s become a government to control the people and to control the truth, control what you say, what you think, what you put in your body. We live in a period right now where the central government has a say over almost every aspect of our life, telling us what reality we can believe and what reality we see. The moment is upon us.